Weekend in Virginia

Virginia!!! That's where I spent a few days this past weekend. A trip originally planned around my Nana's 80th birthday, but definitely shifted in focus as my Bubba has pneumonia and will soon have a permanent feeding tube... there are few people as courageous, stubborn, and genuine as my grandparents... they are amazing.

And so I flew home as a birthday surprise for Nana and to spend some time with the family. It was also a surprise for Nate, since he's only had four years to practice keeping secrets.... He came with my parents to pick me up from the airport, but they told him simply that they were going on a "mystery trip". The morning included a train museum in Ellicott City, MD and lunch at his favorite restaurant, McDonalds. They were on the way to the airport when I called to say I had landed. Nate figured out his last surprise pretty quickly.

Mom turned to Dad in the car and said, "They are still on the plane." and then to me on the phone said, "The airport exit is in one mile." I could hear Nate in the backseat yell, "Is Amy coming to visit from Indiana? Is that my last surprise????" He demanded the phone to ask me personally...which I would neither confirm nor deny.

We had a sweet, sweet reunion in the airport. I put my bags down as Nate ran across the baggage claim area to leap in my arms. I love that kid. I'm also a huge fan of cinematic moments. We found ours.  The weekend included daily trips between Colonial Beach and Springfield and afternoons spent with my grandparents who are currently staying with my uncle. I learned a little more about picc lines and antibiotic pumps and wrestled with two very cute dogs. I had the opportunity to play some of my songs for the family... an impromptu house concert of sorts. I met up with a friend for coffee, impulsively had my hair highlighted, ate at multiple buffets, made sure to squeeze in Sheetz MTO and a 7-11 slurpee....and made friends on both flights... but those are posts for other days. This heart is thankful for time and presence and family.