September 4 Live Bluegrass Recording, Grundy, VA

September 7 House Concert- Fairfax, VA

September 20 House Concert- Chicago, IL

September 21 House Concert- South Bend, IN

September 22 Clay Church (Sunday morning worship service)

September 25 Meet the Music Taping, Fort Wayne, IN

September 27 House Concert- Converse, IN

October 4 House Concert- Aquia, VA

October 6 Tomahawk Baptist Church (Sunday morning worship service)

October 13 The Well of Nelson (Sunday morning worship service)

October 18 House Concert- Wilmington, NC

October 19 The Feast Gathering- Wilmington, NC

October 20 Harbor UMC (Sunday morning worship)

October 26-31 House Concert Tour down to Orlando (locations tbd)

November 1-3 Explorations

November 4-10 Florida House Concert Tour (locations tbd)

November 15-17 VAUMC 2019 Youth Retreat

November 18 Ferrum College

December 3 Recreation Center, Fredericksburg, VA

December 10 Recreation Center, Fredericksburg, VA

December 17 Recreation Center, Fredericksburg, VA