Birthday Cake.jpg

Birthdays are a pretty big deal. Just the fact alone that you survived another 365 days should be celebration... but the fact that it is YOUR day, it's pretty sweet. Last year, my newest nephew, Lucas, "stole" my birthday. And by the way of planned c-section. Good thing he is so cute and lovable. Maybe by next year I'll actually be excited that we share a special day....

Last year, I worked 12 hours on my birthday. It started with staff development, which meant watching Lars and the Real Girl to have a discussion on community and embracing individuals that are outside of cultural norms.

I talked about my birthday allllll month. I mean, it was my birthday month, then my birthday week, any reason to claim attention I took. My poor co-workers... I think they were thankful when February 1st rolled around.

And this year, my birthday was incredibly sweet. There was cake with the staff, and a really off key rendition of Happy Birthday, probably four or five different versions being sung simultaneously. There were flowers from my sister, which almost ended up being added to the funeral flowers that had come in the day (oh the joys of working in a church!). And I actually took an evening off.....  The day ended with a few friends at Outback...mostly cause regardless of where I've lived, there has always been one to eat at. So while the company around the table changes, the blooming onion remains the same. Beautiful. A special day indeed. 



blooming onion outback.jpg