The Haircut

Amy Cox First Hair Highlights.jpg

There are parts of moving that are easy. Finding an apartment, settling into a new job, making friends.... and then there are hard things: finding a hairdresser. don't feel the same way? I think it's a combination of loyalty, love, and the inability to make a decision three weeks in advance to set an appointment. The last time I had a haircut was in the kitchen of my friend's house in Colorado while I was crazy in pain from a tooth infection. That was last May.It was needed. And in perfect timing with my trip to Virginia. Since I ended up in Springfield everyday, we went a little early that Saturday morning and got our 'hair did". Well, my mom and I did anyways.

Up until a few years ago, we had gone to the same guy since before my mom started having kids at age 19. His name was Toy, who told me over the years that I should consider a trip to Thailand, that the people there would be fascinated with my blonde hair and blue eyes. 

But Toy did not do updos, and when prom came around, we went to Fatima, two chairs down in that same salon. A couple of years later and with a tight schedule of Toy, my sister and I started having Fatima cut our hair. We fell in love. Then Fatima moved to the salon across the street...gasp! It took a while, but we soon followed her over and haven't left the Tiki Hair Salon with its pale yellow walls and brown/grey tiled floors. I adored walking in on Saturday morning to an excited, "You're back!" followed by a hug and fingering of my now troubling and cumbersome long hair.

I had planned on just a cut, but as mom was getting her first dye ever to hide "the grays", I impulsively stood up and said, "I want highlights." Fatima nodded, asked a question about length and we were off.For the record, most impulsive decisions of mine, do not take three hours to see through to the end. But it was fun to sit with foil in my hair, reading magazines, and watching others come through. It's been fun to come back and see reactions...I had one friend stare at me for a good thirty seconds before asking me what was different.  I'm now set for the next couple of months. Doesn't solve the eventual decision of where to go, but I did get a business card of a stylist while at the bank the other day....

Mom Amy Cox and Fatima the Hair Stylist.jpg