A Coffee/Chocolate Date

I adore time with my nephews. One of the best Christmas gifts I had this year was to meet sweet little Luke, who stole/shares my birthday. I don't have many opportunities to see Luke and Jacob, but I look forward to our skype dates and the holidays that we all end up in Virginia. Nate is growing into such a smart little man. I love surprising him in coming home and playing pirates and construction workers and robots. We only had about half of my days in Virginia together and I remember asking him Saturday morning how the day before went. He looked at me and said, "Not as good without you." Heart melter.

Amy and Nate.jpg

Sunday morning I went to the contemporary service at the Baptist Church in Colonial Beach. I love this little country church for its passionate and welcoming people. They may be small in numbers, but they are huge in spirit and testimony. Afterwards, with some time to kill, I asked Nate if he wanted to go to the local coffee shop with me. We packed up all the chocolate goodies we could find and headed down to the main drag through town. 

We settled at one of the taller tables, and I secretly held his chair with a foot, hoping he wouldn't tip it, as I sipped on a mocha and he split his chocolate cookie with me. We played a game on my phone and talked about the alphabet, when I was leaving, normal four year old stuff. I love that he is growing and learning and that we could steal away from the family house for a bit of an adventure around town. Such a special part of my trip home.