Snow. It's piled up on my balcony and covering the parking lots outside my apartment. The plows started coming through last night, to clear away the worst from the middle of the carports...which really has just pushed the snow to rest behind the cars tucked away under cover....I may not have to brush snow off the top of the green bullet, but there is a certain degree of "digging out" required no matter where you are today! I wish I could have a snow day today and stay tucked inside, dreaming up grand ideas for Easter and beyond.... but we happen to close only in the event that the police declare an emergency and are ordered to stay off the roads.... oh, the life of an adult. 

Snow is pretty. But I don't like it very much. Unless I don't have to go anywhere. I think the next place I am going to live is going to get less snow. Or at least when snow comes, everything shuts down and waits it out. 

Hope you are warm and safe today. Also that your driveway seems shorter and your shovel seems lighter than you ever thought possible. And your day includes a cup of hot cocoa, a good book, and a cozy nap.