Barn Concert!!!

Who could have predicted that when last week began so "spring-like" and warm, that winter would grasp for one last battle at the exact moment that I would be planning to play in a large, open, gorgeous hayloft? Well, maybe someone who watches the news, but since I don't.... I didn't see it coming. :o) But oh, how much fun it was to play in such a beautiful place despite the chill! And the cold didn't scare everyone, we still had somewhere between 20-30 people brave the evening and cuddle on pews with blankets cocooned and coffee tucked in hand. And thanks to a dear and intelligent friend, a hand/toe warmer saved my right foot from an otherwise frozen night.

Amy Cox barn concert.jpg


So how did I come to play in a barn? Originally, my good friend Brian Durand agreed to host a regular old house concert...but then a couple of weeks later he called and asked, "hey, I have this friend who wants to host concerts in his barn...what do you think?" 

The Stewarts are an amazing family, with a beautiful farm complete with goats, pigs, horses, chickens, rabbits.... how I adore farm animals! The converted hayloft began with tons of hay and old car parts, but cleared out, filled with pews, antiques, and a stage, it is a gorgeous space to play music and spend time with friends. I am thankful that they opened up their home, and when rain changed the parking plan of a pasture, arranged to shuttle people from the local elementary school a half mile away.


The most beautiful moment of the evening, was when John Stewart stepped up to make introductions and welcome everyone. He began, "Suzanne and I prayed this morning that God would bring exactly the right people who needed to be here tonight, whether that was only a couple of folks, or a whole crowd." An echo of my own prayer before each "concert", that God brings those who will enjoy, be touched, and be open to the prompting of the Spirit. After that, it was easy to settle in, warm up the fingers, and take off! We even introduced a couple of new of my favorite things to do.

So thank you to the Durands, for organizing the night, and for letting me crash in a lego filled room, eat pbandj and sleep on truck sheets, and watch Saturday morning cartoons. Thank you to the Stewarts for hosting and creating such a unique and special place, and thank you to everyone who thought it was a brilliant idea to have music in a barn despite the temperature. Love you all!