The day after Easter this year was spent in the windy city of Chicago!!! My coworker Jess and I stole away for a beautiful and very exhausting 48 hours (I mean, we had just survived another holy week and then all the walking!!!) :o)


With such limited time we settled on achieving the following goals: one museum, one library, one cemetery, and deep dish Chicago pizza. Everything else was icing on top of a rich and delicious cheesecake (which we also ended up eating at the Cheesecake Factory!!!) I am fascinated by cities....public transportation, diversity of people and languages, so much culture and information packed into skyscrapers and sidewalks. We toured the Art Institute, rode the escalator to the ninth floor of the downtown library, and found their shelf of Ted Dekker books (maybe a following post will explain my love of libraries and cemeteries?), and wandered around a 19th century German-Lutheran cemetery in the Wrigley field area. 


My dear friend Ray, from Colorado came and spent the entire day with us, multiple trips to Starbucks included! They coaxed me up the John Hancock building to watch the sunset (seriously, the elevator ride is 40 seconds long!) and we spent the day in relaxed, story-sharing conversation.


Oh how my heart craves adventure, new places, and a few good stories. It was good to be away, to spend our nights in a 25th floor hotel room with a wide open view of the Chicago skyline, to be with good friends in a great place.