Pictures in a Field Part 1

I had this brilliant plan. I wanted to take photos in a field with a chair. I mean, I live in Indiana with LOTS of fields. And in most "if you give a mouse a cookie" situations, Rachel and I couldn't use any normal, average, standard chair. Rachel found one she liked at a second hand store. But by "liked", we mean the shape and size. Certainly not the bland color of off-white with tiny flower prints. And so began the upheaval of attempting to fabric spray paint the piece.....let's just say $50 later, enough of the chair was covered that we were able to take pictures.


Blue Chair in Field.jpg

We headed up to Auburn one day, to a field owned by a neighbor of Rachel's family. It is a nature preserve, which guaranteed that our traipsing around would not land us caught in a metal trap or other dangerous equipment. I appreciated her plan. :o)

It was cold that day, and the owner of the field, an older gentleman watched on in amusement, as we hefted that chair out into the field and took dozens of photos.

Amy Cox-blue chair-field-guitar.jpg
Amy Cox-guitar-field-black and white.jpg
Amy Cox-blue chair-field-guitar-blurred.jpg
Amy Cox-Chair-field-upsidedown-blackandwhite.jpg

The problem I have found, is that every time we have planned to take photos, the day is cloudy and rainy. Here's to hoping in 2013 for days of sunshine and warmth.

Blue Chair-guitar-field.jpg