Home for the Holidays

We had a crazy Christmas Eve at church. There were multiple tech malfunctions, one pastor in the hospital (he's out and on the mend.... as in almost driving me crazy again :o), and people going in a million different directions. I had caught whatever super charged cold virus that had been passed around, but considered the night a huge success when I only burned down two luminaries outside... it's the little things. Luckily, Christmas Day was another Sunshine Christmas (NO SNOW!!!). I drove down to Indy to catch a flight back to Virginia. Ironically, I sat next to a church organist from Bloomington who was also flying to see family. And in the small world we live in, we found a few mutual acquaintances to mull over.

And so, I ended up back home with the family, feeling very ill, but very thankful to have at least a few days on lovely, Virginia soil. Colonial Beach is far different from the land of Northern Virginia where I grew up, but just being back on the East Coast brings delight and excitement.  Confession: I hadn't really thought much about Christmas presents other than the debrand chocolate I had brought, so between making some sock monkeys and the local Rite Aid, I was all set when my brother's family got into town later in the week. Nate even got into the sock monkey magic, insisting on stuffing an old pair of socks we commandeered from Mema. He's such the little crafter. 

Birthday buddies.jpg

And I met Lucas, aka He Who Stole My Birthday, who is simply put; precious. A easy going, good natured, second child. He loved the harmonica I received for Christmas and was probably the only one who appreciated my huffing and puffing throughout the day. Jacob, his brother, has grown so much since I last saw him, and is talking more and more. I wish I saw them more. 



 It was hard to leave that Saturday....I cried my way through goodbyes and into the car for the drive to BWI. I sat quietly through lunch at the mall and shopped a bit to kill time and cried again as my Dad dropped me off at the airport....the tears came when he offered to park the car and wait with me for a bit. Leaving is hard. Leading worship after leaving is even harder. The next morning in church, Nathan preached on faithfulness. I got up for the last song and spoke about how God had reassured me that leaving my family was being faithful to Him.... I teared up as did a few among the congregation.

 I wish Indiana wasn't quite so far to Virginia. I love my parents, grandparents, siblings, and nephews. I love the land that I come from. Soon it will be February and we will all be together again for Nana's 80th birthday...can't come soon enough!