INAC14 and Georgia Street Worship

Maybe Saturday afternoon is a random time to post....but I find my heart full and my body sitting still this afternoon.... which is a rare moment in the past few days of constant movement, conversation, and the occasional yelling. :o) The Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church holds a very special place in my heart.  This was my third (and most likely final) time at the Annual Conference....a gathering of all the pastors and delegates from each church.  I hung out at the Lion and Lamb Festival booth, played at the Georgia Street Worship event, and just generally caused the noise level to bump up a few notches.....par for the course.

My first year at annual conference I led worship at the Friday night service, I was nervous, scared, and unsure. God moved powerfully that night and it was amazing.  Last year, we introduced the Lion and Lamb Festival by hosting a booth in the exhibitor space.  We had no idea how to design the space, and so I can sum up the time as one of little sleep, lots of stress, and ironing bedsheets to act as the backdrop after midnight in my hotel room.  Add to it my car breaking down as I tried to leave Fort Wayne AND a disastrous evening where I lost my iphone temporarily and spent a good 30 minutes sitting on Monument Circle crying because I couldn't work past the tiredness and frustration.  But despite all that, there was a fabulous evening had at the Hard Rock Cafe and the Eat, Preach, Praise Dinner..... good times.


This year..... was a new game.  We went in with a plan, adjusted as needed, and had time to register people, connect with new and old friends, and explain the vision.  I adore so many of these pastors, who love Jesus and people.... can't say it enough.  I hope they know that all the excited yells, mild heckles.... that is love overflowing... hahaha.



And on Friday, (yesterday), I was a part of the Georgia Street Worship event right outside the convention center....worship without the boundaries of walls, ceilings....endless sky and city streets.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day, full of food trucks, balloons, and Indy area people out for lunch.  Sixteen Cities led worship at 12:30, as conference folks came piling out of session to grab lunch and enjoy the sunshine.  Very thankful to meet such a great and encouraging group of guys that are passionate about people encountering Jesus......and actually guestimated correctly on the mic height this vertically challenged girl would need.... a rare commodity.

Georgia Street Worship.jpg


My dad flew into Indy yesterday to make the trip back to Virginia with me.  We are in the Indy area today (house concert tonight) and tomorrow (worship at Fishers UMC) and then we'll pass through Greensburg, IN on our way to Aunt Lena in Kentucky..... I cannot wait for the Uncle Tiv stories and to learn more about this fabulously crazy family I come from.  New stories coming soon.....I promise. :o)