Hard Rock Cafe!!

The Hard Rock Cafe. Downtown Indianapolis. It. happened. 

Amy Cox Hard Rock Cafe Downtown Indianapolis.jpg


I'm still slightly overwhelmed by how fun it was, how we packed that back area, how delightful it was to add some friends into the mix....my very own little string section...:o) Most commonly asked question: So Amy, how did you get that gig? Well, as Brian Durand would answer...we called and asked. We offered it as the late night option at annual conference, invited everyone we knew would be in town, excused those whose bedtime was before 9pm, and then went and had a blast.

Amy Cox Hard Rock Cafe Indianapolis Ukulele.jpg

I think back a year ago when if someone asked me if I would be willing to share something I had written, I would freeze up and then try to change the subject. And then I think about how much God has strengthened and stretched and grown inside of me until these songs are an overflow of my witness to His goodness and mercy. Lesson learned: Sometimes what God is doing in us leads to some really cool places.

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And the night was so much more than just an opportunity to play in this really neat,stage lit, rocker atmosphere. It was the love and support of Saint Joe staff and friends that were already at their table when I walked in. It was Rachel arranging her schedule to come take pictures...Travis opening up with a few tunes...and pulling out his cello adding a new instrument to several songs... Jen and Andrew willing to play... and more friends new and old filling up the place...For the record, Bob Ford is simply epic with a crowd like that!

Hard Rock Cafe Amy Cox Indianapolis.jpg

And in the end...we worshipped. We sang "How He Loves" and somewhere in the middle I realized how unlikely and unpredictable it was for us to be in this bar, this place, singing for Jesus. But oh, how good it felt! He loves us. With a love that is reckless, deep, intimate, contagious. So thank you friends. Thank you for driving hours out of your way. Thank you for clapping and cheering and singing. Thank you for being willing to let me lead you in circles around downtown cause I forgot where the hotel parking garage was where I last parked your car (ok that's pretty specific). Thank you for allowing me to share these songs and stories. Thank you.

amy cox music hard rock cafe indianapolis.jpg

Well, Hard Rock, until we meet again.