Whybrew Adventure 2: The Zoo


Friday was an absolute perfect day to traipse around the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo...pushing two of my favorite little people around...Tucker and Tessa. While unborn baby whybrew was getting a little check up, we took the opportunity to hang out with Jelani the Giraffe, Bill the Lion, and the kangaroos.These kids are awesome. Tessa the yeller and Tucker the question asker. And they get so excited!! I was barely out of my car and up the driveway before they were crashing out of the house for a hug and to jump in their carseats...ready to go!Though we only had a few hours, we booked it around from Australia to Africa to Indonesia, even stopping by the farm so I could see the cow (my favorite!). We fed Jelani pieces of lettuce and stood at the window while Bill the lion slept up against the glass. We watched the penguins follow each other off into the trees and sadly looked at the empty prairie dog exhibit...they all must have been sleeping. We ate ham and cheese sandwiches on a bench and even ran into a few other Saint Joe kids...popular day to be at the zoo!

fort wayne childrens zoo.jpg

On our juice box break towards the end, I explained that we would be heading for the potty and then the car. We were sitting in the shade looking at the huge tortoise at the moment the train passed by. Tessa looked at me and said, "We didn't ride the train!" I looked at them both and said, "Well, we all knew I would be a disappointment at some point, so might as well get that out of the way." We found the car and headed home with Tessa singing 10,000 Reasons at the top of her lungs the whole way. Priceless.Sidenote: I asked Tessa what her favorite part of the day was. She said riding the train. I reminded her that we didn't ride the train this trip. She yelled, "It's still my favorite!!" :o)


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