From the Road....

It has been a full and beautiful few days out on the road, traveling between Indy and Fort Wayne, leading worship, spending time with friends, crawling around with babies, and enjoying the gorgeous sunshine. I have come to the realization that there are not enough meals in the day to let my dear midwest comrades feed me... :o) I have to yet to experience the life of a "starving artist"....hahahaha I left Virginia last Friday, right smack dab in the middle of the joyous Memorial Day traffic. I may have seen my life flash before my eyes several times and may have encountered travel plazas full of tour buses, but the midnight gelato at Grey's once I reached Fort Wayne made it allllllll worth it! We hit up brunch Saturday morning, and then my friend Jess and I headed for Indy to shop, chat, and eat delicious Greek food.

Amy Cox Leading Worship Indy.jpg

Sunday morning was a uniquely special time leading worship at The Stream, the 11am service at Carmel UMC. It was delightful to lead with a couple of their instrumentalists, Mina and Tom, musically gifted and servant hearted folks.This is a great church with welcoming people.... and it was definitely a new experience to set up a little table in the back with CDs and info on Lion and Lamb....thank goodness for a good friend like Jess to come help out for the morning!



Sunday afternoon brought me back to the Fort and since then I've been running around visiting as many friends as worries if we didn't catch up, I'll be back in August!!!

And oh how I love these little people...who want to start the day bright and early and with my favorite.... sports.



Today I'm headed back to Indy to work the Lion and Lamb booth at Annual Conference. I am excited to see so many friends from around the state that I over the last few years...and to be a part of the Georgia Street Worship event on Friday morning.... and with a house concert on Saturday, and worship at Fishers UMC on Sunday it will be a full slate through next week. My dad flies out Friday morning and then we'll be on our way Sunday to Kentucky to visit with my Great Aunt Lena....who has all the Uncle Tiv stories....can't wait to share more about that crazy, lovable, mentally unstable man! do not know the power of your words...every encouragement, every download/cd sale, every hug.... is a beautiful gift. Thank you.