Catching Up and Settling In

Happy February! I hope that wherever you are, you are warm and safe and enjoying the beauty that winter brings.... be it snow, bitter cold, or mild spring-like temps (I much prefer the latter!). Things are moving right along here in the Northern Neck, in the midst of the busyness, I thought I would take a moment and give an update on the comings and goings so far, hard to believe I've been here a month and a half now!! The Move:

Colonial Beach VA.jpg

I'm not sure how much I shared about the whirlwind that leaving Indiana became. How I caught a stomach virus, finished vocals on the album, and cleaned/packed the rest of my apartment in a mere three days after Christmas to get home and settled before the new year. The "shed" has since been outfitted with new ikea furniture and pieces of my own to make a cozy, comfortable little place. We've (My dad mostly) installed a few shelves, hung some curtains, and fixed faucets....all the love this room can hold. Can't wait to give the nickel tour when we've finished up a couple of more projects!

Settling In:

Everything feels familiar, yet rusty. Driving down the roads that I grew up on, but now have changed and shifted with population growth and road expansions. Riding the metro into DC and while sitting in the right spot for the first skyline view of the Washington Monument, still missing my stop...oops! 

It has been good to be with family, although Nate's school did catch on fire


which meant his christmas break was extended a week. Between that and snow, the poor guy was only in school about five days for the month of January! Good thing he likes to hang out in the shed, taking advantage of the endless episodes of power rangers on my hulu account and the multiple dry erase boards I have stashed in a corner. :o) We also spent a day at the Children's Museum in Richmond, VA:


Catching Up: 

One of my favorite things so far has been catching up over coffee or dinner with friends that I haven't seen in ages (or just 2/3 years). I love that I have friends who are also doing crazy things for Jesus, like serving coffee, leading worship for a campus ministry.....even holding on to a dream of one day walking again. It has been delightful to meet new additions to, husbands, puppies. I am inspired, challenged, and encouraged by each conversation. 

New Guy and Mitch:

Just in case you were wondering about the car and the cat (common questions I get :o). New Guy was a champ in two hours of snow a couple of weeks ago, after leading worship at a campus ministry at George Mason University with my good friend Chris. It was the freak snowstorm that took everybody up the coast by surprise. We certainly didn't have the walking dead scenario of the south, but it's less than ideal to drive gauging where the road is by the tall grass off to the side. 

And Mitch. He's....adjusting. As he gets older, every move is a little harder, but he enjoys watching the yard full of birds, squirrels, and the occasional rabbit. Nate and Mitch are slowly getting used to each other...neither one is entirely sure of the other.

Nate and Mitch.jpg

So What's Next?

Next week, I will be on a "family-required" Disney Cruise with Nana, the parents, siblings, and nephews. For someone who is not a fan of flying or boats, well, I'm sure I will have a story or two. It does mean that I will be off the grid for the week, a mickey mouse sabbatical of sorts....can.not.wait. ha!

And as for the album....we are narrowing in on the finished product! Songs are mastered, photos have been taken...mostly what is left is compiling the project with artwork/logos/design and sending it off to be printed!!!! Such a beautiful journey to this time and place, the songs sound amazing and it's very hard to wait to share them!!