A Weekend Adventure


This past weekend, I drove down to southwest Virginia for a photo shoot and some worship leading. I also threw in catching up with old friends, feeding babies, driving around old haunts, and cuddling with puppies. It was a full to the brim couple of days and since then I have been lazily drinking coffee and trying to shift through the journey of the last month.Oh how I have missed the kitchens and living rooms I spent time in this weekend....these faces and voices that are still familiar...some homes are a bit more crowded with new babies and pets and furniture and some a bit more spacious as the "kids" have grown up and out. Keurigs now sit on counters and Netflix pulls up the latest kids show....the ebb and flow of life.

Amy Cox Alley Stoop.jpg

The main purpose of the trip was to meet up with Colorado friend Brianne, who is currently living in Roanoke, VA with her husband, Paul. We had quite the lovely photo shoot romping around downtown taking pictures on top of parking garages, against buildings and even inside the Hotel Roanoke (gorgeous!)...but there will be a separate post on that soon. :o)Saturday night I meandered my way down to Christiansburg, VA, spending the night in the home of good, long-time friends, Bryson and Lori. They are an amazing couple whom I love dearly, and now in addition to their son Jackson, have a set of 5 m/o? twins....SO PRECIOUS!!! 

Amy Cox Fieldstone.jpg

And Sunday morning.... I was back leading at Fieldstone. Felt a bit like coming home, having lived inside that building on two separate occasions and having spent many a worship hour on that platform....and per the norm, the worship space was not only filled with chairs and worshippers, but also cots set up for To Our House, a homeless ministry, and of course this guy watching over the back:As I am currently looking for a church in the Northern Neck area of Virginia, it was SO GOOD to be back among a community of people that I have spent time with before. I forget sometimes, the power and unity that comes from corporate worship, and the beauty of a familiar voice worshipping beside you. The service was about living life abundantly, leaning fully into God's grace, and finding our joy, peace, and hope in the presence of Jesus. May we all be drawn closer to the One who leads us on.Later this week I'll be sharing a bit more about what has been going on and what's ahead, as well as the photo shoot, an update on the album, and anything else that seems like fun!

Fieldstone Worship.jpg