Back in Virginia

Happy New Year!!!....ok, I realize I'm a little behind, but the last month has been a whirlwind of packing, working, Christmas, saying goodbye....and the past week and a half has been the unpacking, ikea shopping, furniture building, spending time with family....there have been a few things going on. :o)

It feels good to take a step back and just. take. a breath. Whew. The little efficiency I affectionately call "the shed" has taken on a cozy feel and Mitch seems to be settling in after the terrorizing trip from Indiana to Virginia. While I did not escape the stomach bug that pummeled through Fort Wayne (Merry day after Christmas to me!), I did get out of dodge before the city shut down under more than a foot of snow....that was a close one! We had a dusting of snow, and temps that have rivaled the month of December in the midwest, but otherwise it is all around delightful here.

Life is a bit disorienting right now as the dust settles from moving back east. I am thankful to be among family, but leaving friends and the familiar days and schedule has left my thoughts and actions scattered. Yet, in a way, it is refreshing to throw all the cards up in the air and watch them fall haphazardly to the ground. Restorative ....this season of trusting and waiting. "Church shopping" has so far led to a Saturday night service, an early jaunt at the baptist church in town and checking out the community church that meets at the local Y....I'm sure a few more experiences and I'll have enough to share the the one church whose bulletin requested putting the offering envelopes in the "offending" plate... auto correct strikes again! Today I'm headed up for the beginning of coffee/lunch/dinner/catching up with various friends that live within the wide radius of 2-3 hours away from this little beach town.

I look forward to sharing more in the next couple of weeks... maybe a tour of the shed, what life in Colonial Beach is like, how the album is finally coming together and what the studio was like....maybe some low tech song videos?? What would you like to hear about, to see and know and explore with me?

In other news, a trip to the Children's Museum in Richmond, VA today took us right by the site where John Wilkes Booth was caught and shot....historical win!