I'm Somewhere in the Middle of the Ocean

Happy Monday! Hope you are having a fantastic day and are standing on solid ground.... I happen to be on a boat, disney cruise to be exact, with my awesome family, ALL three nephews included. We set sail yesterday and hopefully by now I've adjusted to the idea that I will spend five days unplugged, on a boat, surrounded by mickeys and captain hooks....we'll see. No worries...although a cruise never made it on my personal bucket list, or the maybe someday list, OR the if I ever won the lottery (it is actually listed on the "things I will never do" list)....I have packed enough dramamine and tums to fell a horse...and armed with books and a new dslr camera, I should come back with a story or two.... who knows...maybe my first vlog will be from the cruise ship!! 

So my friends, in conclusion, if we never speak again, if by some small chance my fate has met its end by an alligator with a ticking clock in its belly or if too many dancing candlesticks do me in, it has been nice knowing you...God bless and carry on.