That's a Wrap on Portland or Bust

Today I finally head home. And only a day behind schedule! New Guy got a little bit louder as the trip went on and when we made it back to Fort Wayne, I checked in with my favorite mechanic of all time, Jerry. Which really means I went over to his house and only after catching up with the family, looking at the RV they borrowed for a camping trip, petting the cat, and talking with five year old Mara, did we look at the car. We set out for a test drive and it took 20 seconds for Jerry to say, "This is bad. Real bad." And he promptly dropped me off at my host home and took New Guy away. Since the wheel bearings have been replaced and the car is fixed, I choose not to ask too many questions into the "badness". And really, I earned an extra day with one of my favorite families. We took a trip to Costco for samples, played music (what we call "band practice") and read countless elmo books.


I am so grateful for this chance to be on the road. It has been challenging, inspiring, beautiful, and good. I've felt more effects of vertigo than I'd like to admit, but even in those moments, I threw back some advil and water and kept pressing in. I'm excited to share more about the trip this week... we spent so much time driving that it was hard to sit still long enough to blog, especially when writing would mean far less sleep.

This past Monday, I spent a good portion of the day praying for God to transition my heart back into Reston. I am a wanderer in my core and I tend to fight against the feeling of roots. But all it took was the original plan falling through, my car in need of repair and touching base with a couple of people back home to shift gears. I'm ready to be on the road headed East, to catch up with Restoration and friends and be back at the museum and in the schools. I'm praying about next steps, how recording a new album could happen...and well, the world is before us. I'll be seeing you soon Reston, get ready!!