Our time in Portland was mostly spent at the convention center, but in our spare moments we made it our goal to drive the various bridges that cross the river. Achieved. :o) We grabbed lunches and dinners with the various friends and delegates who were also in Portland and spent our nights in the lovely attic space of my longtime friends Sheri and Rob. We also made some time in the mornings to meet Seneca, their three month old, who is beautiful, sweet, and already incredibly independent. And loved the ukulele.


Our last night in town, Lindsey and I went with the Virginia delegates to dinner. We offered a ride to a certain Tom Berlin and Pete Moon, who were quite amused to ride in the official #PortlandorBustTour vehicle and I had the best coaches to successfully parallel park outside the restaurant. It was a full team effort. Thanks dads.

Dinner was great and my plate was full of mac and cheese sprinkled with bacon. :o) As the checks came, I felt compelled to give a pause to the evening. I looked around the table and said, “If I grabbed my guitar, would you all like a song?” We asked the manager if they would allow it and we had ourselves a little impromptu concert. Which was fitting since I never could find an official music gig in the Portland limits for my Portland or Bust Tour. :o)



We took a bit of time on Friday to make our latest “Weekly Wednesday Video”, not on a Wednesday, but in choir robes we bought from conference for $3 a piece. Fancy! Then we ate lunch at a pho place in downtown Portland that had vermicelli and spring rolls!!! It was like Super Pho (my fav Herndon restaurant) but supercharged with a million Portland flavors. Then we drove out to the coast because……Pacific Ocean!!! We went to Cannon Beach and then a little further down to Seaside before eventually landing in Olympia, Washington to spend the night. On to Seattle!!!