Here We Go Again!

Back in May, I found myself in Portland, OR in the middle of my Portland or Bust House Concert Tour. I ran into my old friend Dottie (by "ran into" she sat in the seat directly in front of me in a large conference hall of thousands), and a dream began to take root that I could go back to Arizona, release "Desert Bones" into the great wilds of the desert, and wander across the country once more. Then I came home, caught up on sleep, jumped back into Restoration and....yeah. A couple of weeks ago at the Global Leadership Summit, T.D. Jakes said, "Your dreams should be bigger than what you yourself can do."..... His words resonated deeply, more deeply than I care to admit, because the truth is I am often overwhelmed with what God might call me into that requires more than what I myself can do. So much of what comes next is going to take other people....PEOPLE I HAVEN'T EVEN MET YET to come alongside and be part of the story. It makes me feel nervous, slightly nauseous, at moments terrified, and absolutely excited that I might be part of something bigger than I can imagine.


So this post is a bit of a declaration. Just like two years ago when I wrote this blog post When You Have More Questions Than Answers. I'm not sure what's coming next or how it is going to look. Which feels amazingly similar to that previous trip across the country...But I do know this: I am going to record Desert Bones, I am going to shoot video in the desert, I am going to reconnect with friends I met two years ago and make new ones, and I am going to leave myself open to where the Spirit is leading. We'll give this trip some new epic name, write it on the back of the car, and screen print snazzy new t-shirts. I'll load up my car to drive several thousand miles and my dad and I will take on the entire. state. of Texas (driving that is). And hopefully I'll find some living rooms to play in along the way.

I'm looking at leaving VA somewhere around Oct 9/10 and driving down through Tennessee, hitting Arkansas and Oklahoma before we drive across Texas. I'd like to see a bit of El Paso, expand my border experience beyond just Arizona and San Diego....Then hit Arizona for a week or so from Oct 16th-23rd and then begin the drive home up through Colorado, across Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, stopping in Indiana (can't skip you all!) and then finally getting back to VA around Halloween. If you are somewhere along the route or know someone who might be interested in hosting a house concert or have a guest room that a couple of weary travelers could crash in, let's talk.

Thanks for being along for the ride friends. Hope to see you on the road!