Photos for the Album!

A couple of weeks ago, I headed down to Roanoke, VA to meet up with an old friend, Brianne, to do a photo session for the album. Brianne interned at the New Life School of Worship the year I attended and since then has done many things, including getting married and moving to Virginia! She's a fantastic photographer, great at giving direction and poses. The journey of this album, "Coming Home to You", has taught me so much. All of this time and energy is poured out in the writing, recording, producing....and then there's still photos, design, eventual marketing....eek! So I wanted my photos to be in a place I love, that felt comfortable....and moseying on down to the blue ridge felt right.

We somehow found the only weekend where the previous snow had melted and next wasn't set to fall for another few days, AND the temps were in the mid-high 40's, which gave us a perfect afternoon to wander the streets. I met Brianne and her husband Paul on the top of a parking garage to take photos with a few mountains in the distance.

Amy Cox Photo Shoot Downtown Roanoke Parking Garage Lean.jpg
Amy Cox Photo Shoot Guitar Parking Garage Roanoke.jpg

From there we spent some time meandering around brick buildings and a couple of alleys.

Amy Cox Photo Shoot Roanoke Laugh.jpg
Amy Cox Photo Shoot Roanoke Short Wall.jpg
Amy Cox Photo Shoot Guitar Roanoke.jpg
Amy Cox Photo Shoot Roanoke Overhead Guitar.jpg

We finished up with some photos at the Hotel Roanoke, a gorgeous hotel where my own parents spent their wedding romantic! My only claim to that place is getting to shower there once while leading worship at a nearby church for a youth retreat in college...but that's another story. :o

Amy Cox Photo Shoot Hotel Roanoke Hallway.jpg
Amy Cox Photo Shoot Hotel Roanoke Chair.jpg
Amy Cox Photo Shoot Hotel Roanoke Window.jpg

Here's a little "behind the scenes" action...thanks Paul!

Amy Cox Hotel Roanoke Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes.jpg

We'll use one of these photos to create the artwork for the album. I've sent a few over to my cousin who will be helping with all that graphic design magic stuff.

Here are the frontrunners....

Amy Cox Photo Shoot Downtown Roanoke.jpg
Amy Cox Photo Shoot Roanoke Stoop.jpg

And this one is in first place....for now...

Amy Cox Photo Shoot Parking Garage Roanoke.jpg

I would love to know your thoughts...which one is your favorite and should be on the album?