The Disney Cruise My Family Loved and I Survived


So I made it out on the other side...and was the only one who stood up from breakfast the last morning with a smile on my face and a skip to my step.

Nana took nine of us on a five-day Disney cruise, and we ranged in age from 2-81...whew! We had only boys with us, so way less picture taking with princesses and dancing and way more playing like pirates and throwing around glow sticks. Even if I'm personally not a fan of boats, constant motion, crowded pool decks, and beaches, it was fun to see the rest of the family excited and having fun. And other than one 24 hour doped up period of time on the "less drowsy" dramamine, I at least "experienced" what the Disney Wonder had to offer. 

cox family cruise.jpg


In Cozumel, I ventured on an adults only excursion to the Mayan ruins of San Gervasio, a tequila tasting (all I remember is a lot of counting down and shouting :o), and an authentic mexican lunch (guacamole!). 


The four course dinner every night with the fantastic serving team of "Popcorn" (nickname) and Vishal. The Disney cruise line is unique in that you rotate dining rooms nightly and your servers move with you. After learning that Nate loved bacon, they served him a heaping plate of it every night. Even when Vishal tried to put in a smaller order, we found out that Nate had become known among the galley chefs as "bacon boy" and the pound of bacon came again!


Mickey Bars. whenever. from room service. These things cost like five dollars at Disney World. They are amazing.


Our second stop at Castaway Cay, Disney's private island. We got to feed, touch and snorkel with stingrays....incredible. Also incredible is that there are 72 female stingrays there and only one male...and his name is Mr. Buttons.


The fact that my beautiful and strong grandmother spent her 81st birthday surrounded by family in an amazing place with better food than anything we could ever cook!


Spending time with these sweet faces.


So in conclusion, I am one and done. No more cruises for me, although I have offered my chauffeuring skills to the airport for any family that would like to head down to the Caribbean again....