#TBT Pranking My Boss

#TBT- the posts I never got around to writing....enjoy :o While I lived in Indiana, I was in a bit of a prank war with my boss. In fact, when new staff were hired, I would often ask them if they would like to choose a side or would like to remain Switzerland. Most remained neutral. 

Now the background to all of this is from day one, my boss's trademark line was, "Never be the source of my surprise." While this struck fear in my heart many a time over un(maybe)important work details, I also was prone to interpret his saying as "Only be the source of my surprise if you are willing to accept the consequences"....I mean, that's what he REALLY was saying, right?

I prefer more planned out and "intelligent" pranks, ones that didn't interrupt work, but made a very distinct point....like the time I went to pilfer cookies from his drawer to find the hiding place empty. I simply left a note that said, "Someone needs to buy MORE COOKIES." That one got quite a rise "NO COOKIES!?!??!" and a door slam. My "boss" happened to prefer the "tie everything up with fishing line and wait for me to get mad" pranks....which I would just ignore. 

These are in no particular order....

The Stumbling Block He gave a devotional during staff meeting centered around us not being stumbling blocks for one another. So that afternoon, I took a box, labelled it "stumbling block", and left it outside his office. 


Hopscotch He had knee surgery. His first day back he came into the office to find a hopscotch game taped to the floor.


Day of Ross 2013 This was to celebrate his May 2nd birthday, and probably the first and biggest day of "surprises" we pulled off. It all centered around one of those b-list celebrity recorded birthday calls where the closet option to a name we could use was "Ross". So we printed up banners, blew up balloons, and made a nuisance of ourselves all day. And we only had 7 hours notice that his birthday was the next day...so I'd say we did an excellent job.And really friends, only amateurs remove all the chairs to your office, but only put them down the hall, or tape up desks with duct tape. You know your friends, family, and coworkers the best, so plan accordingly and then HIDE!


Now I realize that not all work situations allow for this sort of "nonsense", so I will firmly deny any endorsing of pranking in the workplace. But right after I'll probably try to hide around the corner and scare someone as they come down the hall...I did that one too....almost gave him a heart attack...right before a REALLY important finance meeting.