December House Concerts

Amy Cox First House Concert.jpg

The First...... My first house concert...I was nervous, recovering from some virus I had picked up, and I had no idea how the actual evening would go. I had a pretty good mental picture of what I wanted to happen, but that's a bit unreliable when paired against reality at times.

Amy Cox First House Concert Close Up.jpg

It was fabulously fun. I shared the stories behind the songs, and other historical facts as necessary. The set flowed, Andrew was awesome on cajon, and everyone who came seemed to really enjoy the time together. 

Amy Cox First House Concert 1.jpg

My last thought at the end of the night was, "I can't wait to do this again." I am thankful for this exploration of house concerts, for intimate settings, for people like Karen, who so willingly open up their homes and invite others in. And for friends who came...and brought new friends.

And the Second.....

Amy Cox Second House Concert 2012.jpg

The following week, came a house concert at my good friends, the Whybrews. Their toddlers, Tucker and Tessa, graciously agreed to go eat pizza and play at a friend's house and we welcomed a motley crew mostly comprised of staff from Saint Joseph. Which I loved the reactions of certain coworkers to my "Bob Ford" song... and most of their reactions in general. 

I'm finding that the concept of a house concert is new to many. Hoping to do a blog post soon on just what it means to host one... basically means picking an evening, inviting friends, and providing some snacks... but I'll make it sound a bit more snazzy....:o)