Winamac House Concert

Amy Cox Winimac House Concert.jpg

A couple of weeks ago, before things were a little busy with sound issues and leading at a neighboring church, I had the pleasure of traveling out to Winamac, IN for a house concert with my new friends Matt and Candace. Their cute ranch style house is tucked away in a cute little neighborhood, along snow covered roads that took us through multiple small towns. Definitely a direction across Indiana I had not had the opportunity to see yet! My friend Kevin was a good sport to chauffeur my gear and I out there and back in the same night, so I could be at Saint Joseph for a funeral the next morning....and not drive on somewhat snowy roads! The evening kicked off with a dinner of tacos, a rescue of a friend whose car had slipped off the road in a neighboring town, and the usual music! I had the added benefit of a couple of toddler dancers for the first bit of the night, but bedtime came soon after and they headed out. 

Such an enjoyable evening. I fully believe in these house concerts. An informal setting that allows stories to be shared and relationships built. I am thankful for each opportunity to share my story, but also to hear the stories of others. And to laugh. With new friends. Pretty much makes my day.

Thank you Matt and Candace for opening your home and inviting us in. Winamac is a special place and I adored an evening there! I hope to come visit in warmer weather!!!!!!

Amy Cox Ukulele with Toddler.jpg