Sunset Photo Attempt

I am blessed to have amazingly talented friends. Rachel,, is always up for an adventure. So when I told her I wanted sunset photos...preferably in a field, with some sort of chair, well, we tried what we could when we had a chance. The problem gets dark early in Indiana as we head into late fall. And her beautiful three children are not yet easily entertained (all five years and younger). But Rachel had a photo shoot scheduled out at Salomon Farm one Friday evening with a young family and so I went along to keep an eye on her little ones... and in case we still had some daylight for our own photos. 

We met up with the other family, and as Rachel snapped some pics, I braved rush hour traffic on that side of town and ran by Mcdonalds with the kids to grab happy meals. Note to self: even if they will be eating in the car, the Murphy children will cry if you do not order sweet and sour sauce with their chicken nuggets. We made it back as the shoot was finishing up. It was chilly, darkening fast, but we managed to catch a few keepers. Let me know what you think!

Sunset-Amy Cox-Salomon Farm.jpg
Sunset-Amy Cox-Salomon Farm2.jpg
Sunset-Amy Cox-Salomon Farm3.jpg
Sunset-Amy Cox-Laugther-Salomon Farm.jpg

The chair and field part comes later....