Studio Update: In the Midst!!!

Amy Cox recording in studio.jpg

Day Three....really? It feels like only a blink ago, it was Sunday afternoon and I was nervously cooking dinner, anticipating the arrival of Bloomington friends, with nerves battling within, feeling simultaneously excited and ill-prepared for the I'm sitting at a table with chord charts, coffee cups, and notepads spread out hearing these songs come alive....this is big. We are having a the clock to get as much done as possible in this short span of a few days. :o) Things are quieter today, Jon the drummer headed back to Bloomington last night and Jon the bassist went back to work. Ashlee is in the corner reading her million books on the journey to her Phd and Travis is adding layer upon layer of musical sorcery with cellos, banjos, keys, and guitar. I feel blessed to be here at the Recording House with Lynn and these dear friends.

Music Charts and Travis Jeffords.jpg
Amy Cox Studio 2012.jpg

It's hard to think we are still at the beginning with a beautiful foundation being laid....there is still vocals, mixing, a couple of more songs, artwork, and not to mention compiling the whole project into one cohesive piece that flows....deep breath. We got this.

Friends, I cannot wait to share these songs with you....and rest assured... Bob made it into the mix... :o)

Bob Ford Gang Vocals Amy Cox Music.jpg