Slightly Big News

It was announced at Saint Joseph this weekend that I will be leaving staff at the end of December. It is both exciting and bittersweet. The past couple of years have been spent in the midst of some fantastic people, friends that I will deeply miss. I wish there was an easy answer to the "what's next?" question. Well, the easy answer is the one that doesn't answer anything at all.... I don't know. I'm headed back to Virginia, to a little river town, Colonial Beach. Into a season of family, of music, of listening to God. 

But for now there are two months chock full with worship, adventures, hang-outs, and fun holiday extravaganzas. As with most things I like to make a grand exit and so Christmas Eve will cap off my time with this amazing church and congregation. Oh! And there will be album recording....the first week of November. A few friends and I will be headed to the Recording House, a studio out in Harlan, to record these songs that have been given life throughout this last season.

So Indiana, my heart is yours....let's get coffee, play music, hang out. This chapter isn't over yet....and with Lion and Lamb and other projects in the midst... visits are guaranteed....:o) Love you all.