Recording....Why I Avoid It. (A Confession)

Gold Microphone.jpg

Yep, I will freely admit that I use any and all excuses to avoid recording....which may seem counter productive in my desire to "share" my music and eventually release an EP/CD of some sort.But there's so much to this whole music process, writing, arranging shows, learning about marketing and websites and designs....the list goes on. And for a few months, the excuses were friend Brendan fractured an ankle and sprained his other. His grandmother fell and he spent some time in Texas with her. His kids were sick, I was ill.... on and on and on. And to just start sharing my songs live seemed like enough vulnerability without trapping my voice into a machine into which I could hear myself over and over....and all the little things I could now decide sounded weird...:o)

And so I've focused on the other "things", getting a simple site up and running, getting the first house concerts together.... but I find my excuses now sound lame and fall flat...The time is now. Courage, friends, is leaning into the pressing wind. And then taking a step. Then another.

It's been helpful that I have such a good friend in Brendan, who uses his spare time to help me record with some pretty amazing gear in his basement. That he is teaching me proper recording etiquette, how to be prepared, how to think through my songs from a production view...and gasp! how to play to a click. I am slowly learning how to use pro tools, and to record on my own... it is a process. One that is being learned for a few hours in the evening, when kids have been tucked in bed, and work is done for the day.We are certainly closer to getting some sort of project together. I've settled on doing the songs acoustically.... trying to obtain the closet sound to what you would experience at a house concert. It's amazing in the world of auto tune, what a raw and honest sound is. I can't wait to share the honesty, the flaws, the richness, the whole kit and kaboodle of what God has stirred in me. So keep asking about it, hold me accountable. At the very least, I'm a horrible liar and could be guilted into finishing it. :o)