Afternoon with the Whybrews


A couple of times this spring, I have had the pleasure with hanging out with two of my favorite Fort Wayne kids: Tucker and Tessa. They let me indulge my "aunt instincts" and I get them ice cream. Perfect.

Last time I stole them away for an afternoon at the mall. We tried out the soft play place, ate dairy queen ice cream AND rode the merry go round! Of course, even with their pick of endless animals and horses, they chose the teacup that we were able to spin within the carousel's own spinning. Twirlingly delightful.


These kids are smart, love to explore and "go on adventures". We even stopped by my apartment so they could meet Mitch and our afternoon ended with jelly beans and a little bit of curious george on PBS. I dropped them back off at home, hopefully right on time to sugar crash and melt down.... like any good aunt would. Even a pretend one for the day.