Pictures in a Field Part 2

Photo shoots with Rachel are always an adventure. At some point, she'll have what she considers a brilliant plan for a picture....This same idea when weighed in my common sense doesn't have quite the same strength. Like the time she was convinced we should take pictures against this beautiful stone wall. Only problem was the shoulder-less road that blindly curved right where the wall sat....I didn't see that panning out too well. Or the time we started climbing onto limbs that dangled over a ravine.... And I refused to even consider the decrepit cement bridge that would require a two foot drop down onto.  

But a field is tame and safe....and although I aired a lot of concern about snakes....we didn't see any and neither did we fall into the ravine.

Amy Cox Field 1.jpg
Amy Cox Field 2.jpg

These pictures are in contention for eventual album artwork. Any keepers?

Amy Cox Field 3.jpg
Amy Cox Field Laugh BandW.jpg