Lion and Lamb Festival- The Pre Show

This morning, the tents go up. This afternoon the stages and sound equipment are being loaded in. And this evening the campers arrive. It's finally here. The culmination of months of prayer, planning, and prepping..... LION AND LAMB FESTIVAL!!! What a crazy year it has been. I still think back to the first time I heard about the idea of a weekend centered around peace, hope, and faith. It felt exciting and daring and certainly a little risky....and that was all before my church offered up Praise Park as the host site! 

So here we go, two days and a multitude of speakers, musicians, and ministries coming together to share, learn, and be in community with one another. We will worship, talk, pray, and play together in a big open park. We'll get food from food trucks and use the port a pots and bask in the warm Indiana sunshine, thankful for the breeze. The brave ones will camp (bugs!) and the rest of us will hunker down in our local homes and hotels. I happen to be camping out on my futon as my parents will be in town to join in! 

Recently, Matt Landry and I were guests on Arts Weekly, a local pbs show sponsored by IPFW. If you haven't caught it yet, watch it.... and note how easilyy, "yeah, yeah, yeah" slides off my tongue... :o)

Click here to watch the Arts Weekly Segment

I do hope you can join in the festivities this weekend. Being the first ever Lion and Lamb Festival, we have the unique opportunity to be a part of its beginning, to come together and see the building of hope and justice and peace among a diverse group of people. That gets me excited. I pray that we are bold, yet humble. Ready to share, and ready to listen. That our hearts are soft and our eyes and ears are open....there will be kingdom glimpses ALL around us.

Registration is being accepted at the door as well as concert tickets for both Saturday and Sunday night, experience a taste of the weekend without committing two whole! I'm on the mainstage Saturday at 6:30 and Sunday at 5:30, the schedule and other info can be found at Come and be a part of the community that God is bringing together. It is certainly going to get interesting!!