Lion and Lamb Festival 2013

Lion and Lamb Postcard 2013.jpeg

Lion and Lamb Festival. Happened. I mean, REALLY happened. The vision of a community coming together to share in gifts and passions and hope, happened. Artists and speakers and campers and an assortment of locals and travelers found a temporary home in a large, open field nestled between neighborhoods and shopping centers. And it was beautiful. And it was also hot. And at times buggy. But it didn't rain!! And on Sunday it was overcast and almost chilly....perfect.

It's an odd feeling to be a part of the vision for the better part of a year, and then find yourself in the midst of it actually happening. There were multiple times Saturday afternoon that felt surreal, when I would find myself standing in awe of what God was building and binding together in newly forged friendships and community. 

Lion and Lamb provided space for so many different and unique individuals and ministries and groups to come together and share their hearts and passions. I wish I had the words here to sufficiently bear witness to how God moved among us, but I'll just let Robb McCoy explain in the blog he posted late Saturday night: Live from #lionlamb13.

Personally, I was most excited over the vendor-ing (not a word I know) of Yobel Market, a fair trade store and nonprofit organization based out of Colorado Springs. The group that came are friends of friends of mine from my year-long stint in Colorado a few years back. I proudly told them, "We haven't met yet, but I helped decorate your store on Thanksgiving Day in 2010"....cheesy!! And that was AFTER I yelled, "COLORADO!!!!!" as I walked up to their booth.....oh man.....Sara, Julia, and Brian will never know how thankful my heart was to have a tangible reminder of the beauty and openness that resides in the heart of every Coloradan.... I miss those folks.

Amy Cox Lion and Lamb Festival 2013.jpg

It was good to reconnect with the folks of Shiny Shiny Black, a band from Goshen, Indiana. I met the lead singer Nate, over a year ago at an open mic in downtown Fort Wayne. He was there with his wife Amber and at the time, still a baby, Charlotte. I pulled up a chair to their table and spent the evening getting to know them in between the spoken word poets and karaoke-type singers. Fast forward a year and Nate has formed this new band, Amber is just as sweet, and Charlotte is a walking, determined toddler. Sometimes, I wish I was this completely put together singer-songwriter for whom to play on a big stage right before captivating speakers like Rachel Held Evans and Bruce Reyes Chow was no big deal.... but since I'm not and it is.... well, I quite enjoyed the time....Although I will admit that singing a peppy ukulele tune about Bob Ford shooting Jesse James in the middle of a festival about peace and hope probably isn't the best choice... but it IS my most requested song...IN THE BACK! :o) And for what it's worth, conversations are already swirling in preparation for next year....and how to continue the dialogue and community beyond two days spent in an open field with the Indiana sun beating down.... and that makes my heart so very, very happy. Stay tuned Lion and Lambers...we'll be in touch.

Lion and Lambe Festival Sunset Camping.jpg