Wyoming to Utah

It rained all the way up to the Colorado State line. And then it sopped. Wyoming welcomed us with sunny, windy arms and we joyfully ran around a large visitor center decked out with hands on explorations of outlaws, territorial prisons from which those outlaws escaped, and the skeletal remains of a woolly mammoth. 


But just as quickly, the sun turned to rain, which turned to snow. The temperature dropped 15 degrees in a matter of minutes and right about the time Darci remarked, “is that a snow plow up ahead?” I realized that I should not be the one driving the remaining few miles of the day’s trip….so we pulled off an exit and Darci took the wheel.

We spent the night in Laramie with our dear friend and School of Worship Alum, Ryan and his wife Bobbie. We laughed and shared stories and ate homemade pumpkin bread, brownies, and some sort of concoction involving turkey and zuccini…so good!  Ryan and Bobbie live in a house divided into apartments, which allowed us the unique opportunity to stay in the guest room downstairs next to the laundry area where an antelope had been carefully deconstructed earlier in the day…..when in Wyoming!



Yesterday was sunny and “see your breath” chilly as we headed west toward Utah.  The views were absolutely gorgeous and the day warmed up as we passed snow capped mountains and fields of antelope.  This is the land of cowboys and nomadic souls. I am in love.

Utah brought red rocked, cavernous landscapes broken up by valleys and dotted with small towns. We stopped in the canyon where the Pony Express, California, and Mormon Trails passed through...all those people in search of better lives, full of hopes and dreams.


Sunset over the Utah mountains was swoon worthy.  I am thankful for Darci, for being adventurous and willing to drive....so I can dreamily stare at the passing views, soaking in what God has made and praying for what is to come. Today we head for California... my first visit to the Pacific Ocean!