In my mind it was going to be an epic return into Colorado Springs where I spent 10 months at the New Life School of Worship a few years back.  The sun would be shining, and the mountains would slowly appear on the horizon, always there, always beckoning. I would be awestruck and in wonder how God creates such beauty..... Instead it rained all day. And as I turned north of Pueblo, it POURED. Drive slow, hope not to hydroplane pour. And the clouds were so low, not a single mountain could be seen even after I arrived in the Springs. I might as well have still been driving through Kansas.

Despite the awful weather, which did turn BEAUTIFUL on Saturday, it has been amazing to catch up with friends, drive around the old haunts and eat at the Heart of Jerusalem Cafe in Manitou Springs.... I dream about this plate of hummus, pita bread, and dolmas.....SO GOOD!


And last night, my time here in the Springs finished out with an intimate, cozy house concert hosted by my "Colorado mom", Mary. Mary and Doug hosted me during the school of worship and their house has a gorgeous, open, acoustic great room in which I look forward to playing in again. :) It felt all the more important tonight to share the promptings of this trip, of what we seek, to hear the words as I speak that my heart may remember this is not something I made up in the vast regions of an overactive imagination. That God is leading this journey forward. We follow as bravely as possible.


The mountains were again covered in clouds as I drove to Mary's. It drove me crazy. I knew they were there and that my time before leaving was growing short. I felt the parallels to this trip.... I know there are things that God has put into place, things that He is stirring around and in and through, but it's a bit foggy right now. I was reassured when I peeked out the back window later that evening...... to a beautiful, unabashed sunset. I will taste and I will see.....