Plans for a May House Concert Tour!

This is new! I'm so EXCITED to announce that I am planning my first house concert tour since moving to Reston, VA over a year ago. My friend Lindsey has already agreed to jump in the car and we plan on going where the wind takes us...... or where YOU my friends open up your living rooms! No place is off limits. If I can drive's a possibility! We're planning for the month of May, and are hoping to make it all the way to Oregon and Washington...Pacific Northwest here we come! Would you be willing to host a house concert? Do you have a living room and 20 friends to invite over for an evening of music and stories? Send me an email at and start a conversation to talk about what a night in your community could look like. There's no upfront cost to you as a host and I can promise you there is nothing I love or endorse more than these evenings in a cozy, relaxed environment of a home like yours.

I have some new material to share along with stories that are beautiful, heart wrenching, and at times humorous and awkward.  From the time I spent in Arizona in 2014 to my most recent adventures of speed dating and making friends...there is quite a plethora of stories to pull from. :o) Thank you for being a part of this community that supports me and this musical/artistic pursuit of expressing all that God has done and is doing through our stories. As an independent artist, I can do what I do because of you. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Want to know more about house concerts? Check out this blog post I recently updated or email me with any questions at Can't wait to talk with you.