Bronchitis and a House Concert

"I'm going to take your blood pressure again. It looks a little high." I laughed, coughed, and told her it was because I was so nervous.....since I never go to the doctor. But my first ever case of bronchitis landed me in the after hours clinic last Tuesday night as I finally. admitted. I was sick. After waiting more than an hour on that crinkly, disposable paper covered, only slightly comfortable table, I walked out of there with antibiotics, my first ever inhaler, and some drowsy cough suppressants.

Sleep that night was beautiful.

I am over being sick. It seems my first year back in the public schools has given my body a plethora of germs and illnesses to choose from. Not sure how I made it to year 32 without a case of flem filled bronchial lungs, but surely this was unnecessary. Or maybe I just thought if I actually got a flu shot for once.....maybe, just would give me superhero power to fight ALL illness. EVERYwhere.

AND my house concert Friday night loomed above my coughing lungs.  I quickly put pinterest and google into action and read up on what to do in an emergency vocal situation. And then I did all the things. All of them I could get my hands on. Like:

Drink GALLONS of much so that you wonder if it's what water boarding feels like (irrational I know). Order all sorts of fun things off of Amazon that can arrive same Alkalol for sinus rinses, essential oils for essential oil type of things, a portable steamer to inhale essential oils, vicks to rub on soles of feet, and tiger balm to ease throat muscles. Sleep with a humidifier. Take the occasional shower to remind yourself that you are human and might run into the amazon delivery guy as you check your mailbox one more time. Alternate the gallons of water with tea, juices, vitamin drinks and other appealing liquids. And no talking. Which is infinitely hard when your cat is staring you down all day wondering why you haven't said a word to him.

And somehow I defied the odds and was sing ready by Friday night.....for the most part. :o) And to the group that gathered in a cozy living room on the other side of town, it was a beautiful night of community, stories, and songs. I am grateful for the continued opportunity to share what God has done and is doing.... and to throw a little Bob Ford in the mix.