Mountains, Jesus, and Espionage

It might have been the moment I lifted my soggy sneaker back out of the sludge cleverly hidden under dry and brittle leaves along the rocky trail by the creek. Or it might have been the moment I tried gracefully to sit at the campfire to innocently roast marshmallows that found the log rolling and myself with it back into the dirt. Regardless, I once again thought, "I am not made for the outdoors."

But I love it anyways. Mostly cause I love clumsy and awkward stories. :o) But I especially loved hanging out this past weekend with 35 or so 6th graders on their confirmation retreat from Aldersgate UMC.  They were all bundles of energy and foolish scheming....WHY CAN'T WE RIDE THESE UNSTEADY LUGGAGE CARTS DOWN THIS MOUNTAINSIDE???? And I adore how fast the conversations go from what they have learned about Jesus, their faith and quickly devolve into, "when are we eating?", "do we get to choose which cabins we sleep in?"  "How many tacos is TOO many tacos?"

Most special to the weekend was working alongside a dear old friend, Teer..... by "old" I mean, we have been on a couple of youth mission trips and I've had coffee with him and his wife Allison (and now baby Camden!) three times over the past two years.... so we're pretty tight. :o)

AND add to the weekend staying in cabins built in the 1930's and then used to train spies during WWII.... I'm sold. Mountains, Jesus, and Espionage..... love.