Easter At the Firehouse


There was a moment this past Sunday morning, when I questioned whether I was there to lead worship or a weekly game of bingo.... but then we pushed back the bingo table and I pulled out my guitar... :o)It was an absolutely gorgeous day this past Sunday....and it was Easter! I drove up to my hometown of Springfield, VA...well technically I drove over the train tracks that take you into Franconia....but details, details, to lead worship at the Franconia Fire Station, in the bingo hall where my Grandma Cox used to gamble every week.

The service was one of two locations for Aldersgate: Kingstowne, a growing satellite campus of Aldersgate United Methodist Church. The bingo hall is vintagely awesome with authentic "smoke stains" in the 70's ceiling tiles and large light up bingo boards hung on the walls around the room. But with breaking down the tables, pulling out speakers and mics, lining up rows of chairs and setting communion on a small table up front, we had ourselves a unique worship space.



It was a special morning to be a part of something new that God is doing in the Kingstowne area, in a place that is so close to my heart.  That 2 mile radius around the firehouse is where I grew up, worked, worshipped, went to school, and returned "home" so many times. It was odd yet good to feel at home amongst welcoming strangers. We sang, we prayed, we asked hard questions, took communion, and celebrated in the resurrection.  A beautiful and set apart time. Amen.

And I was delightfully surprised when this kid showed up:



Matt and I worked as summer counselors at Camp Alta Mons back in 2005/2006. Matt is most remembered in my heart as someone who HATES flip flops and horses....and he may have stolen a chainsaw once...The last time I saw him was when he visited The Vine, a church plant I was leading worship for back in 2010. But the beauty of social media allows us to stay connected and I am so thankful he came! Grabbing lunch with an old friend was a wonderful way to pass the afternoon before heading down to meet the family for some classic Easter bowling!!Ok, we've never bowled on Easter before, but with Nana and the uncle's side of the family heading off on their week long cruise, the pressure of a large family meal was off and we had a brilliant time missing the pins and having dinner at a nearly empty Chili's. Perfect end to the day.

Bowling Collage.jpg