Mitch's 1st Christmas

Merry Christmas Friends!!! It was a strange holiday for me, the past few years have been consumed with marathon days of worship services and traveling and getting sick somewhere in the midst of it all. But this year, it was restful, full of family and thankfulness for time spent here and now. AND Mitch's present was the experience of an honest to goodness Christmas for the first time! While he's slept under Christmas trees and watched me wrap presents, he's spent the last eight years living in basements or apartments or somewhere that the joyous present exchange and meal eating and family gathering wasn't happening.



So we broke him out of the shed for an evening of revelry last night. He didn't know what to make of all the paper and bows and excitement. He spent time under the tree, running around the house, and had to take a couple of breaks on the porch.

He unwrapped his own present of some catnip mice which kept him entertained for awhile.



And later passed out next to me on the couch.... it was all just. too. much.



He may be my middle aged, chubby cat. But oh, I die of his cuteness.

Merry Christmas!