Celebrate Christmas 2014

There is something magical about bundling up, gathering together, and singing Christmas carols in the open and in Saturday night's case: quite chilly air. Restoration Church held it's first Celebrate Christmas, a singalong at the Reston Town Center.We set up shop next to the Christmas tree and directly across from the ice skating rink. Horse carriage rides departed from our left, and the town center was full of holiday shoppers. I stood on a small platform and we ran the speaker and microphone off of a car battery.....brilliant! Tim jumped up a couple of times to welcome people and invite everyone to our upcoming first service. We handed out songbooks and hot chocolate and even had a visit from Santa to take pictures and give out candy canes.

Amy Cox Celebrate Christmas Singalong Reston Town Center.jpg


It was a bit.....cold. :o) My fingers alternated between feeling numb and burning as I played the chords I had spent the past couple of weeks memorizing. Sidenote: There are so many chords in christmas songs!!! We sang for the better part of an hour, many of the classics: Let it Snow, Rudolph, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen...the list goes on. I threw in a little Let It Go, first apologizing to the all the parents, but to the absolute delight of every girl in the crowd who boldly and confidently sang out!


We are only a week and a half away from our first launch service!!!!!!! Ahh! This is happening, for reals. Let there be much celebrating and rejoicing this Christmas cause afterwards, it's time to get to work! Merry Christmas Friends!!!