AZ Odds and Ends: San Xavier Mission

One afternoon, on our way from one adventure to another, Darci and I stopped off at San Xavier Mission, a still in use Roman Catholic Church which dates all the way back to 1692.

Well, that is when the mission was originally started, the building was built from 1783-1797.  It features beautiful paintings, statues, and icons.

The room holds such reverence. The old, dark pews invite one to sit and gaze at the walls, the ceiling, the altar. A moment spent in prayer and reflection even as a tourist sidles up the aisle to snap a quick photo. The smell of incense wafts through from the rows of candles lit off to one side. It is a step back in time, to Spain on North America. Beautiful.

The brief half hour we spent wandering the Mission in the hot, arid Arizona afternoon was a welcome break in the midst of our week long immigration immersion. There is a small museum, gift shop, and gorgeous courtyard that overlooks the mountains...... a beautiful breath.