Arizona Day 2: Settling In and Making Plans

We made it to Tucson a couple of hours after our time spent in Gila, AZ on Monday night, checked in to a cozy Comfort Inn, and asked for recommendations to a great Mexican place at the front desk. I'm not sure what I ordered, but my plate was full of rice, tortillas with beef and cheese and guac.....perfection. Tuesday, we had a lazy morning at the hotel checking out just before our noon cut off. I spent some time in the small sliver of an exercise room, even trying out that machine that Chuck Norris makes look so easy on those informercials.....

We spent the afternoon at the Arizona History Museum, reading up on the Tucson area through the years of mining, saloons, Indian wars, and the introduction of the railroad. 


We are now settled in with our new friend, Dottie, who is the UMC District Superintendent in these parts. A few phone calls and a yummy Italian dinner later and more of the week is shaping up.  We have plans to witness Operation Streamline on Wednesday, drive down to Nogales on Thursday, visit the Medical Examiner's Office and St Francis in the Foothills UMC (part of the Sanctuary movement) on Friday, and take a trip out to the desert water stations on Saturday. I hope to blog each day we are here, today was a day to catch our breath.....bring on tomorrow.

I find that life these days is like the museum docent who promised not to watch as we sat on top of the plastic horse and took pictures....a bit odd, but fun nonetheless...I hope it is the same for you my friends!