And So It Begins

The past couple of weeks have been such a whirlwind of details....prepping for worship at Restoration while I'm gone, coordinating places to stay and play on the road, learning how to screen print (which will definitely have its own post!), that when I got to this past Tuesday night.....I realized I hadn't even pulled out my suitcase yet. :o) It feels grand to be on the road again....well, it didn't feel all that grand yesterday morning when I had to pack the car in the rain, and then drive through Western Maryland with foggy mountains. I pulled my guitar, uke, and bag out of the car and into the Landry's house only moments before a crazy thunderstorm hit that took out a tree across the street. I rolled around on the floor with Zechariah before he headed off to bed and had a little while with Candace and Matt to catch up before our adult bedtime.


The midwest looks as I remembered; flat and wide open, the sky and fields endless until they meet on the horizon. Luckily the sun came out in Ohio and I found myself saying more than once, "Ohio is beautiful"....Perspective, am I right?? There's a first time for everything!!!

So on to the next few days of house concerting and catching up with friends before making the big and somewhat quick trek to the Northwest. We are in a different era of life now, the text messages of well wishes I received the last couple of days remind me that I have a beautiful community that is more than willing to let me wander a bit, I can't wait to bring them back a few new stories.