I'm On Patreon!

Wednesday, April 10th 2019

I have a bit of an announcement to share. 

I have started a patreon page. 


Patreon is an online platform that allows creators to continue to create with the help of their fans/friends/family who make monthly pledges. These awesome people are called “patrons”. The creators then in turn, offer up perks and rewards to their patrons to shower them in love and gratitude.

If I'm really honest, this feels a little scary to throw out into the universe. But if I have learned anything over the last seven years of learning to create and write, it’s that I can trust this community that has formed around the music and story. Every house concert leaves me in awe that a host would open up their home and invite their friends over and allow me the opportunity to share in their lives….

SO HERE WE GO! My first house concert happened because I was trying to find a way to play my songs for friends to figure out what worked and what didn’t. Now my dear friends, you all live spread across the country and I can’t gather you all in one space. Which gives us the magic of the internet!

This is the place. I’m sharing the stuff I’m writing, the stories that come my way, and everything in between. I’ve got some BIG dreams to include a new album, more touring, and maybe even start writing some of these stories down….could we write a book?? The sky is our limit!