Tea in the Woods

tea in the woods.jpg

Every so often, in the middle of hectic schedules, I look at my friend Jess and say, "Tea. In the woods. Soon?" She simply nods and we set a date.There lies in the little town of Churubusco, right outside of Fort Wayne, tucked back in the middle of the woods, a cozy tea room called The Quiet Corner. It was built as an extension of the resident's house, seemingly like how mechanic build spare garages, or farmers have extra barns. The main room is attached to the house with a short deck walkway, and boasts a full porch around it's octagonal shape. We prefer the rocking chairs looking straight into the trees, versus inside that is full of tables with canned music pumping through.

I don't like tea very much. Well, I like the idea of tea...the refinement and elegance that comes with a dainty cup and herbs brewed in a cute little pot. I'm more of a hearty mug full to the brim of coffee overloaded with plenty of chocolate to soften the bitter taste. My favorite form of tea could also be considered colored sugar water... Dowse the tea just enough to bring out a color and then lay heavy on the sugar....

But there is something about rocking gently on a porch, looking out into nature which a cup of tea in hand and a journal in lap. We always have great aspirations for writing or creative endeavors and are always reduced to simple and lengthy conversations brimming with dreams, thoughts, and current wrestlings. 

A few weeks ago, on a delightfully warm day, we took up our usual stance. There were storm clouds slowly rolling in, but we sipped peacefully none the less. I played fetch with the resident dog, it wasn't until later that the owner shared that Duke wasn't allowed excitable activity due to his current medication and would we mind keeping him with us? I don't know how you rein in a leash-less dog but we quite enjoyed watching Duke work his way around the perimeter of the property trying to sneak off to play with the dogs on a neighboring property. He would be making progress when there would come a shout from one of the owners...and Duke would obediently head back to the house proud that he at least tried. As we went to leave, he had been tethered to a bench, to rightfully keep him out of trouble and resting.


We ended our morning jaunt with a lunch of burgers and fries at The Magic Wand, leaning into my enthusiasm for the odd small town diner. This one boasted endless clown memorabilia, handwritten signs claiming the latest specials, and waitresses with hairstyles that were sprayed into place in the late 80's...precious.