Grandpa's Cheese Barn

The last few times my parents have driven out to visit Fort Wayne, they have raved out a place called "Grandpa's Cheese Barn", a touristy cafe/food shoppe they found somewhere in the midst of Ohio. The cheese they brought was quite delightful, but since I fly back to Virginia most of the time, I hadn't questioned its location or really remembered its existence. Fast forward to my impromptu drive home a few weeks back. I threw my bags in the car and took off with a mostly full tank of gas. Several hours later I was in need of caffeine, gas, and a potty and I pulled off on an exit with a gas station/starbucks combo (brilliant!). As I drove back to turn onto the interstate, I looked up and saw a sign, "Grandpa's Cheese Barn straight ahead." I switched my turn signal back, and drove ahead to find a series of white barns and lots of signs covered in cheese and mice welcoming visitors and friends alike.

And how delightful it is! There is a whole room of cheeses, and canned goods, with rows of samples to try. I spent a good ten minutes just walking around and tasting different things. A quick phone call to mom and I picked out a few items the family wanted. It was nearing closing time, and I wanted to be back on the road, but in my heart of hearts I am a wanderer of tourist traps and roadside attractions...and this is one for the books.