Worship Under the Stars

Give me a starlit sky, a gentle breeze, and the voices of people worshipping any day. It's where I learned to play guitar back in college, endless nights of summer camp where the middle school kids crowded onto rough hewn benches on a sloped mountain side for vespers. Where I quickly learned that wearing a headlamp to see chord charts and lyrics only drew the unwanted attention of bugs..... I have yet to find better incentive to memorize songs that a moth flying into one's face.Last night I joined Arise Campus Ministry at George Mason University for their night of outdoor worship.  We set up by Mason Pond with a backdrop of stars, candles, geese, water, and college students.  There is something so natural and life giving to move beyond our buildings to meet God without boundaries of physical walls and ceilings. We sang, read scripture, prayed, and shared in communion. A beautiful response to our hope and life found in Jesus. We are called higher and deeper.


This is a beautiful season friends. The air is crisper and brings a hint of things to come.  There is much on the horizon and I look forward to sharing more soon. :o)