The Golden Birthday


I have been 31 for a month now....and have been meaning to share about my very special GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!!! What is a golden birthday? It's the year that you turn the age of the day you were born. I was born on January 31. So 31 ON the 31st! It only happens once, and hopefully it's not too late for you to celebrate yours!!!

Last year, I welcomed in the 30's quietly. I had just moved back to Virginia, it snowed way more than the average year, Nate's school had burned down... everything was different. The 31st was on a Friday, so Nana and I picked up Nate from school and headed to Fredericksburg. We played some games at Chuckie Cheese and when my sister got off work, we went to Outback for dinner. I later headed on solo to check out the Fredericksburg Singer Songwriter monthly showcase.  I hadn't made any local friends until the next day when I met "birthday friend" Rebecca, whom I promptly invited to dinner at my house that night.


But THIS year, I wanted to roll all the good things from the past year up together in one ball of amazing birthday fun. So I played that Fredericksburg Singer Songwriter Showcase, spent the late evening out on the town with many friends, made a couple of new ones, and then spent my Saturday birthday at home among family with a dinner party that was quite reminiscent of childhood birthdays....presents, cake, and walks down memory lane included.

Amy Cox Music Pickers Supply.jpg


I am so incredibly thankful of the gift the past year has been. The year 30 was good to me; time to explore music, to travel, to live and love simply, and to spend time with family. I'd like to think the next year is coated in golden tones.... a special season of new and unknown. Can't wait to see what year 31 brings.

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